We are six mexican artists living in Mexico City and six artists from Latin America currently living in Mexico City. 

We understood the exhibition as an exercise, personal and collective, as a way to ask ourselves about memories and all the oversights that crossed, built and formed us as artists and collective individuals. The ideas, the movement, the personal backgrounds, the intertwining of languages or accents, the body inhabiting this precise territory in which we decided to be, the encounter and the cultural differences, finding a common space.

Because it’s not only about a common language, but about the fact that we are moving in a common field. 

Who are ours beings?

Are we?

We are the trips that leave paths, forests and mountains. Already that body that weighs doesn’t weight anymore but it continues to be conscious of that past weight. However let’s go, let’s try to interrupt the time and make it ours. We move, we move a lot and we see from outside with surprise, sometimes behind the window fog up by the weight of the customs, and sometimes with such clarity that the crystal disappears, the body and the reflection melt into one and understand each other. The one and the other are no startled, they enjoy themselves. The time is brought back together, the inertia breaks the circles and starts the unknown line. Taking planes and crossing paths that confront us to those atavistic reflections again. We are the tail that our bodies leave while passing.

This exhibition took place en Estudio Marte 221

The opening was the 10th of February 2017

The questioning that gathered us is still in force and the project continues, taking different forms.

You can find the documentation here

And the digital version of the publication