Program 2012

2011 was a successful year, with MUMA presentations in various Mexican states and new collaborations. The museum network has enabled it to incorporate visual artists from across Mexico, 250 of which are currently represented in our Gallery, Videos and Exhibitions sections, which are regularly updated to add their most recent work to their individual archives. The Forum has also provided numerous opportunities for scholarships and events in Mexico and abroad. Visits to the website are steadily increasing.

programa2012 1

In 2012, the Museum set targets to further encourage this growth. One of these involves making the virtual museum bilingual, to reach a wider audience worldwide. A new platform will enable it to receive direct feedback, with further possibilities for browsing and interacting with users.

MUMA presentations in various states will also be continued, and Karen Cordero will represent the museum at the International Museum Conference to be held at the Universidad Iberoamericana in June.
We have also prepared a calendar of virtual exhibitions, listed below:


Curated by Larissa Escobedo
From February 15 to March 30

Territory K
Curated by Vanessa Rivero
From April 1 to May 30

“Urban indigenous women: a new citizenship?”
Curated by Lucero González 
From June 1 to July 30

“The domesticating power of small things”
Curated by Ana Quiroz and Daniela Edburg
From August 1 to September 30

“Possible worlds”
Curated by Lucero González and Ana Quiroz
From October 15 to November 15

Lastly, users have been able to view the  “Natural families” exhibition online here since November 2011. This is a permanent participative project designed to celebrate all kinds of families by fostering exchanges and awareness. Do not hesitate to participate by submitting photographs, videos, audio recordings and texts by single parent, homoparental and multiparental families. We would like to make it clear that we do not expect artwork but rather everyday documents, family videos of weekends and family albums you wish to share: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.