The Disorder of Dust

Friday, 14 February 2014 10:13 Written by Ana Santos
Beauty can take many forms, and human beings have numerous ways of perceiving it. I have intuitively studied how order and disorder coexist in dust.
I see in reality and science fiction a world in deconstruction: we have grown up on a diet of images of catastrophes and chaos has almost always had a negative connotation. The end of the world has been present in a virtual form, as an unforgiveable threat. Some films reaffirm this, bringing to life spectacular productions on the destruction of the world. We forget that we are constantly submerged in our own disasters, in everyday chaos.
The image has been transformed from the photographic register of an earthquake or tsunami to a series of memories. I have viewed the disorder of dust as an expression of beauty, as matter changes constantly, and every act of destruction is a transition towards the new.
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