TEYU (Tree Heart)

Friday, 07 March 2014 10:12 Written by Valeria Caballero

The Dispossessed

Neither the words nor the things are mine.
They have their parties, their affairs
that do not concern me
I await their signs like the fire
that burns in my eyes with dark indifference.

Neither time nor space are mine
(much less matter).

They enter and leave like birds.
through the closed windows of my house.
Someone speaks behind that wall.


The tree that breaks the landscape. A construction that unites the sky and earth, a memory hanging from a thread, swinging back and forth. The tree: the origin and its fruit. Genealogy, union and continuity. Tree-woman, wounded giver of life. With her head on the ground and her feet in the sky... a body carrying its memories forward.

The intimacy of objects is possibly the most silent of her qualities. Immobile, with a name but without a word, inanimate. Hard, smooth, rough and porous, useful, useless, colored and worn, inherited, own, found and lost, objects are an important part of our everyday environment.

Some objects explode, others mark or reveal a moment, or remain in our memory and become treasures, precious, untouchable treasures, daily and ritual treasures. For some reason we keep these objects, which contain their history and their experience with us.

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