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A Tree

Monday, 10 March 2014 23:30 Written by Inés Alberico

“To be born and to die is a transaction that must be completed” JL Borges

The origin, the germination of a seed, grows slowly and develops in its interior, the imprints of the internal growth, strongly sustain life; it is freedom, always ready, in life and death. It is the relationship that exists between life, earth and sky, sharing space and time, making a unit. Wood, as a living element, represents life, energy, vitality, characterized by its growth toward the sky in constant expansion. The element of wood nurtures and, at the same time, is conquered by the element of fire, the heart; the wood is nurtured by water, by self knowledge, to flourish.
The capacity to self-reflect, to express it, is to recognize oneself as an unfinished project, putting into question self realization, looking for new meanings.
Think of the work as an offering to the divine, like an appreciation for an opportunity, to life and death.
One must recognize the strength of the fibers of the heart that provide the strength to grow without restraints. It is not a condition; it is a process in which the darkness inside of us carries a direction that comes from the rhythm of a sequence of events, those which create the conscience.
The grooves may signify pain, suffering, fear, impotence, desperation, rivers of tears, the need to bring feelings out in the open, joy in a moment, and, in our very own interpretation of reality, our limitations in emptiness, form and searching. Within the geometry, the spaces are tuned (like musical instruments) as they resound with the frequency that they may help a person connect to the spiritual. When the object has reached a certain level of vibration, the molecules disintegrate, returning to their original elements or atoms, then into innumerable corpuscles or electrons and disappear entirely, the unit.
How often have I been fascinated with situations in my life that left imprints, so profound, that I returned to repeat the same experiences, without considering creativity… without even asking myself what I was doing?
The present moment is like IT IS, each moment is not an obstacle to overcome, but mazes to pass through to enjoy. There are no isolated events, everything is interconnected, they are part of the totality of the cosmos that has produced the form – that takes this moment – you align with life.
If we want to connect ourselves to our inner self, we have these sacred places where we enter in resonance, consciously finding answers, and intensifying the spiritual conscience. It is a parallel between two points, as much in space as in time, and that have in common the form, in which each of us constructs our own reality.
It is impressive, when suddenly everything connects before my eyes… for an instant, forming a structure of connections and signals… Sometimes I am able to remember it and I draw it. Afterwards, when I see it again, I am not able to understand what this is that before was so clear… The only thing that remains is the sensation… I am the content of my life, I am the space in which things happen, I am conscience, I am the now, I am! You don´t have a life, your are a life! The conscience that interprets the universe, and you take shape temporally to experiment, you are the conscience in which things experiment and appear.
“I want to know myself”, when you become this knowledge, you are vibrant peace with life!
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