The tools of a doer

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 12:09 Written by Mónica Mayer

A long journey. Remains. Discoveries. Passions. Everyday life. Work. Smiles. Food. Sweat. Pain. Peace. Home. Love. That which is created every day. Earth. Clay. Secrets. Hearts. Women. Essence. Contrasting materials. Readdressing the space, intervening in it. Textures. That which cannot be said in any other way. The breath of goddesses. Cannibalism. Pleasure. Fragments. Underlying fire. Shadows. Corners. Abstractions. Roads. Moons. Dilemmas. Edges. Light. Centers. Intensity. Hidden and revealed stories. Dismembered bodies. Fear. Historical and artistic references. Triangles. Little bits. Allusions. Time. Red. Memory. The wisdom of hands. Commitment, persistence and stubbornness. Returning home.
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