Valeria’s Glass

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 12:27 Written by Hugo Hiriart
Valeria Florescano takes great pleasure from modeling this light-like matter, to which heat gives physicality, like a drop of rarified, reddish air, an ambiguous, unsteady paste that swells when blown through a silent trumpet until it becomes a malleable substance or the final spherical shape.

This luminous glass actually resembles water suspended in mid-air.

Indeed, experts in natural history say that glass is not actually a solid but a liquid, one that pours extraordinarily slowly. Flat glass is like calm, straight, transparent water, yet arrogant, neurotic and extremely delicate and fragile.  

However, Valeria’s glass is soft, molded, colorful, with that nervous vitality that color lends a bird’s feather or the depths of blown glass. Here, color is more vibrant than ever before.

One cannot merely look at the pieces, but also touch them and appreciate the exceptionally smooth texture. Smooth yet unexpectedly heavy, with many layers of dense, accumulated matter.

From afar, the pieces displayed on the table resemble a small, straight ziggurat, a calm pond or a volcano overflowing with lava. However, examined closely, they are neither of these, but rather flawless pieces of glass, since the paradox of blown glass is that the glass must look like glass and nothing else.

Therefore, Valeria Florescano, we wish you luck and inspiration in this warm universe.
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