Words on my Body

Thursday, 13 March 2014 09:49 Written by Roweena Galavitz

This project emerged as a result of poetry readings, during which, because of my interest in clothes and their meaning, I began collecting a series of poems on the subject. I regard clothes as a filter between the outer and inner world; full of hope, and imbued with events, emotions, memories, they express something of our being while protecting and beautifying us. Clothes are washed or repaired and become new again, removing mistakes, deviations, accidents and pleasures. They are dyed to renew them, and altered to reflect changes in us.

As such, they constitute a three-dimensional base with many opportunities. Clothes are naturally sculptural. In this exhibition, my aim is to incorporate poetry into garments and make art using utilitarian objects. Each piece is inspired by writings, some of which are contemporary, others from previous centuries and still others from different cultures. Together, the works constitute a kind of disembodied forms.

The exhibition was made possible by a 2009 grant from the Program to Promote Creation and Artistic Development in Oaxaca, as part of the State Fund for Culture and the Arts (FOESCA).
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