The Burning Earth of my Heart

Friday, 28 March 2014 16:17 Written by Rafael Alonso Pérez y Pérez

Rosario Guillermo's work is wide-ranging assimilation of both organic and geometric forms. Through large format ceramics, she reinvents her personal language which shows a certain continuity with her previous work, as well as a faithfulness to the technique of ceramic art, both of which reveal her undisputed skill.

She masters a formal baroque style in which the thread linking or establishing a dialogue between each of the component parts, is the individual exploration of configurations. Formal associations or relationships with each other are established through short series, without repeating themselves. Instead, this is reinvention of structures that have already been created or the confirmation of established images.

The construction of her work usually focuses on a vertical composition resembling colonnades, giving it an eminently feminine  nature and linking it to fertility, generative power and eroticism, which generally refers to abstract principles of creation, using this form as a symbolic reference that also involves masculinity and power as such. In these vertical constructions, symmetry is not necessarily a concern since in them she destroys the link between hegemonic or symmetrical parts, which sometimes manage to offset the gravity of the support shaft in order to create sensations of movement and suspension.

The technique used in each of the works, although refined and successful regarding her discourse, is only a means of achieving an idea. In this respect, her work reveals a constant need for exploration that has led to regarding ceramics as a base structure to which other materials are adhered (wood, rubber, metal, etc.) which, in recent years, has taken unexpected paths.
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