Visual Artist

Friday, 04 April 2014 11:56 Written by Mónica Iturribarría

(Oaxaca, 1981) Plastic Artist. Iturribarría graduated from the University of the Americas, Puebla. She works mainly in sculpture, object art, installation and photography.

She has taken part in several individual and collective exhibitions, exploring subjects such as eroticism, blood, women, identity, hospitals and social movements.

In each of these subjects she seeks to criticize established values, provide an answer or, better still, question the gaze of the persons viewing her work.

Iturribarría is fascinated by aesthetics and the details that every element of her works can represent.

Her pieces always involve irony and neatness and occasionally slide into sarcasm. Iturribarría uses all kinds of materials to depict these possibilities.
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