Marruenda, Valeria

Thursday, 10 April 2014 16:11 Written by MUMA
My project involves research into the relationship between text and photographic image, aiming to avoid literality and open up new meanings. I use association as a production system. I have carried out several individual projects and artistic processes in photography and writing, with a variety of groups.
Among the important themes in my work are memory, identity and archives. I have approached these through social processes proposed as pieces: workshop-work, conference-work, event-work and archive-work. The creation and assistance of other persons’ artistic experiences has become a system of my research and work material.
Photography is ideally suited to this, as it enables me to study, like a mirror, the notion of identity. In addition to the color and shape of the physical being, it allows an encounter with various parts of one’s self through portraits of things, events, persons, meaningful objects or their representation. It retains the document- or witness-like quality but is enriched, charged with affectation.

My work as an artist is to create pieces through these processes of subjectivity, to then produce its results.
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