Honey from the Flood*

Thursday, 10 April 2014 17:08 Written by Laura García

One of the aims of this book () is to open up possibilities within the artistic exercise of the female gender. Rather than postulating participants as distinctly feminist, it is our task to point our certain cases as the sum of the legacy of conquests of the female gender, beyond their biological condition.

However, the case of News provides a glimpse of the exercise of practices of the female gender, regarded as exclusive to men. Part of the research on graffiti artists always refers to the term "good graffiti” as being produced exclusively by men; techniques used by women are rarely acknowledged. News is one of the most widely accredited female figures because of the quality and technique used in her work as well as the fact that she serves as a bridge between the old school and generations under the age of 20. The differences between media, such as vectorization and use of software, advertising and spaces where the language of street art has been diversified or disseminated, are elements to be studied in the transition of recent generations of visual artists. Although News defines herself as belonging to the human gender, in practice there is a new perspective that brings us to the possibility of work between the male and female genders, in which women artists are recognized for their abilities to produce, implement and conceptualize.

In other words, there are women with total gender equity, who exercise it consciously or unconsciously, which underpins the notion of equity in our everyday lives and work.

* Excerpt from the book: MD- 1 Desbordamiento de una perifería femenina, by Laura García
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