Carolia’s Women

Monday, 21 April 2014 12:39 Written by Hernán Lara Zavala Revista ARTES DE MÉXICO Num.32
You are looking at a painting by Carolia. As with all painters, you say to yourself: this painting is part of a closed world that invites you repeatedly into each work. The air, color, texture, lines, composition, figures, everything produces the effect of sensuality, melancholy, mystery, abandon and nostalgia. Irrespective of the subject, there is always the same reaction when we gaze at her paintings. Indeed, Carolia’s painting encloses various stories that she fortunately refrains from narrating. She evokes them, brushes over them, insinuates them, but never relates them. Her stories resemble those of a woman eternally gazing at the sea, waiting for a lover who never existed.

Where does all this world emerge from? is the obvious question produced by these paintings. What did the artist experience to become so obsessed by women and men, by the spirit that peoples her canvasses, their objects and longings?

Carolia admits that she has always felt she was a painter. This vocation tends to begin as an act of will, but paths are always unpredictable and often winding. Among her memories, Carolia first discovered the image of Andrea Palma, the actress from The Woman from the Port, in the film In the Palm of your Hand. A woman discovers another woman, an artist discovers another. When did Paniagua make the decision, she was asked. No, she did not have a histrionic personality. She was also shy. And what if she made movies, that genre that she enjoys so much? No, it is too expensive and complicated.
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