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I work with the body as a means of reconstructing, through photography and video, cultural and social experiences and symbols. I explore it like a map on which I relate concepts such as identity, memory, territory and time. I am interested in translating emotions, reinventing experiences - personal or not – and visual metaphors. I move from the particular to the general. My experience thus becomes a reflection that other people can also live out.

The technique I used for my first series, which I still use, consists of overlaying acetates and color photographs. This enables me to work with slides and see through the body as though with an X-ray machine, manage several dimensions and recreate a new visual territory using various iconographic sources.

I decided to devote myself to photography in the early 1990s, after graduating in psychology. I began by painting self-portraits as a form of self-knowledge and healing, then later as a path to recover the traces of my history and identity.

My training in psychology has been an important tool in the conceptual structure of my work, and therefore my work includes introspective and analytical aspects. I seek to explore the relationship between Nature and body. Religions, rituals and traditions from various cultures are reflected in the images, whether clearly or subtly.

I am currently working with subjects related to change, immigration and emigration, as well as the impact of climate change and the importance of preserving natural resources.
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