Measured-out Mysteries

Monday, 02 June 2014 17:18 Written by Laura García    
Here, Yadith Río de la Loza demonstrates the importance of combining mythological elements and meanings of the self-referential body through digital photography, in a vision of herself that addresses the corporeal and metaphysical. Masks play an important role in the construction of identities, acting as a kind of medium to infuse all that she gathers with a creative mystique.

Yadith declares that her gender is a key element in her photographic and visual research, in which women must construct enjoyable and playful identities of their own. That is where
the (female) body belongs to us. Of the many possible interpretations, Yadith's makes it a political yet personal space, without losing the sensorial, sensual and powerful. This enables the female gender to assert itself clearly, as a new expression of gender, as a social construction or cultural unit.

*Fragment taken from the book: D- 1 The Overflowing Contours of the Female by Laura García
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