A dialogue with shadows MAC

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Maruch Sántiz Gómez sees great transformations in the religious and civil behavior and customs of the Maya cultures, changes which have led them to an endangered status. She is a photographer, and has committed herself to retrieving these sources of information and images before they are lost. She has begun a dialogue with shadows.

With the support of the Stimulus Program for Artistic Creation and Development in Chiapas, sponsored by the Chiapas State Council for Culture and the Arts and the National Council of Culture and the Arts (Conaculta), through the Directorate General of Cultural Links, The Stimulus Program for Artistic Creation and Development (PECDA) is a financial tool created as part of an agreement between Conaculta and
the Chiapas State Government, to provide significant resources to artists involved in specific projects. 50% of the contribution is provided by the Federal Government, and the other 50% by the Chiapas State Government.

Dream Shadows, according to “I wanted to provoke a dialogue with the Dream Shadows, through images of ideas, thoughts and feelings: the journey of my people between past and present, between natural beings and the outside world, full of chaotic, strange changes,” she explained in an interview.

The photographer is deeply concerned that  Chiapas communities face difficulties such as water shortages, the increasing depletion of the soil, the decimation of trees by fires and the lack of raw materials used for clothing, in particular the woolen dresses worn by the Chamula.

“All of this has a historical meaning. It is a kind of knowledge and transmission of historical information. I accept the melancholy and difficulties linked to my work, though I wish that it did not involve so many social changes, but I aim for it to be at least preserved, she declares.

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