Maledice Dacrioma

Friday, 06 June 2014 13:54 Written by Laura García

Laura Ugalde’s work recalls that of artists involved in montage, including Damian Hirst, Cindy Sherman and Duane Hanson. She reconstructs scenes littered with the waste of women, migrants and homosexuals, and resignifies them, playing with the elements that suggest their last moments of life: tires, severed breasts and empty water bottles. They are displayed in a context which has become natural, familiar, even commonplace to us until we are directly confronted with it.

Ugalde participates in the creation of set designs and special effects for the cinema, influences that demonstrate her skills with plastics, a difficult technique to master.

From an undeniably political position she addresses subjects such as migration, violence and homophobia, which has given her prominence in the public sphere and galleries in Mexico and abroad. This language has been recognized as reaching a great diversity of spaces.

Laura Ugalde also created, together with Piedad Martínez, the Malaleche collective  (Querétaro, 2003), for which she contributed the concepts and produced the majority of the pieces selected in the book The Overflowing Contours of the Female by Laura García She is currently working on her own projects.

*Fragment taken from the book: MD- 1 by Laura García

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