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Walk in closet

Thursday, 10 July 2014 12:56 Written by Angélica Escoto

The buying and selling of second hand clothes is an everyday behavior of the people of Tijuana. The installation to exhibit each recycled garment on walls, fences and facades of houses turn into a social performance that can be see seen throughout the city.

In Walk in closet, the act of representation in the objects contains tension of border identity. The clothing, as an everyday existence is a human pretense of belonging to itself. The images that I present seek to re-signify the clothing as an archeological footprint, social symbol, anecdote, pose, texture, presence and spectacle in the urban landscape of Tijuana.

After having worked for more than ten years on other proyects about processual nature-landscape and ephemeral material on the Baja California desert, I decide for a change of scenery as well as photographic format -from 35mm to 120mm- as a personal challenge with the emotional geography that I inhabit. That’s how I assemble again, the landscape as visual context of the experience, using the form, the medium and the place as support.

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