Narrative from ephemeral space

Written by Marcia Santos

It's common border migration phenomena are present the city itself is a crossing point; for this reason the border is considered a big "no place" for its effervescence in both time space and identities. The mediation between non-place anda place is language, it is something that stays attached to the memory; once acquired can not give up. The creation of a dialectic in which the images are building spaces through the memories of the citizens. The photograph itself is wistful by projecting glances of fiXed temporality, what has already pass. lnstead the stories are like the antithesis of perma­nence, as sole support memory, events can change, making a metamorphosis of reminiscences. It simultaneously displays both aspects to create a system based on the aes­thetics of decay discourse, abandoned. So that there is a place you need not remember this but. What better place to open dialogues on the same media discourse, neglected places where ephemeral events materialize and settle in the picture creatinga discourse for collective memory.
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