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Performance's Jenny

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 11:35 Written by MUMA

Generally, when I create my work, I think on how could I illustrate the hidden tensions and agreements under society masks. My main way of expression is my own body, the place where I live every territory I move on. My body is a "here" and a "now" of the time/space where I am standing.
Political thoughts around concepts as "woman", "territory", "spectacle", "pornography" and "violence" are pretty recurrent issues on my work.

Jenny Granado (Uruana. Brazil. 1990), is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and dancer. Through her different projects, Jenny proposes alternative forms of existences, different ways of using the body and public space through performance, moving images, sound interventions, and interventions in the street.

She has participated in festivals, exhibitions and residencies in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, China, Ecuador, Finland and the Netherlands. In 2012, she founded FILMARALHO, a Latin American collective for the production and direction of experimental film and performance, and she has been developing her idea of desCULOnización since 2015.
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