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Women that walk

Friday, 21 June 2019 16:51 Written by Rosa Borrás

Migration is an essential component of the history of humanity. All of us have been migrants at some point or are a product of migration. In this work I offer an homage to the women that have been forced to exile, alone or with their children, mothers or other family members. Why am I interested in this subject? Because I come from a family of women exiled from the Spanish Civil War, that established in Mexico. My mother’s mother, along with her mother took care of three daughters in Barcelona and a little town, Sant Esteve de Palautordera, while my grandfather was fighting on the frontlines of the republican army. Then he was taken to a concentration camp and finally he came to Mexico. Years later he was able to bring his family here.

Among the thousands of persons that were welcomed to this country there were many poets, men and women. The men are pretty well known; the female poets not so much. In this artist book I decided to embroider two poems by Concha Mendez (Madrid 1898 - México 1986) as a metaphor for all the other poets’ words. For all of them who walked until they reached this land, and as a tribute to all the women who are still walking today all over the world to save their lives.

The images have been embroidered from drawings inspired by photographs taken in Spain between 1936 and 1939, during the time of exile. The canvases are protected and moved in a big handkerchief used to bundle and carry things around, called “mocador de fer farcells” in catalan. This particular one belonged to my partner’s grandmother, who was a catalan exile as well.

Women that walk
9 pages, each measuring 14 x 14 inches approx. 1 handkerchief 41 ½ x 41½ in.
Total measurement is variable.
Textile artist book, embroidery on linen, cotton, cotton embroidery threads, vintage cotton handkerchief with lace, vintage cotton bundle handkerchief.

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