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Sometimes I feel like a Hypnagogic Jerk

Tuesday, 13 February 2024 23:40 Written by MUMA
Sometimes I feel like a Hypnagogic Jerk

My sculptural work dives into the world of assemblage, using diverse materials to create visual narratives. Each work is a composition of fragments that merge to give life to new stories, inviting reflection on the complexity of the human experience. Experimentation with materials is essential in my creative process. From everyday objects to unusual elements, each material brings a unique layer of meaning. The diversity of textures, shapes and colors defies expectations, creating works that transcend convention. Through open-ended narratives, I seek to make my sculptures spaces of exploration and discovery. I invite the viewer to actively participate in the construction of meaning, using material experimentation as a vehicle to challenge perception and foster a deeper connection with the work.

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