Between the Allegory and Science Fiction

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 14:26 Written by Alejandra Contreras

I understand the production of images as reclamation of property, a space where nonconformity can digest what is so confusing to us of the world or what is not allowed to be seen. Apocalyptic paranoia, premonitions, black humour and the seductive lie of publicity have been for me a suitable tone to make use of space in the crudest possible way.

In establishing a resemblance between the allegory and science fiction, my work has developed a tone of nostalgia and an insistence in the exhaustive description of the context it presents. A description of the human nature from its confused and contradictory reality: people in their purest innocence, their vulnerability, their failed ambitions, their games and fantasies; animals that appear like self-portraits or substitutes of human conditions. Pictures of the masses: masses of colours, masses of geometry and decoration, masses of people etc, that interact in the image as machines of desire and castration, of culture against nature. They are images that from the decoration and collage try to make the simultaneous contagion between the interior and the exterior evident: the necessity of manipulation of the space that is exposed to the contagion of the extreme forces of the outside. Both decoration and metamorphosis, try to question the representation and the production of images as pure forms to indicate the reality.

It interests me when art uses confusion and contradiction to generate a certain type of knowledge and ways of viewing social structures, systems of power and economics, by revealing colourful or fragmented hallucinations.

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