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Lunes, 27 Junio 2022 23:42 Escrito por Laura Anderson Barbata

Intervention: Red is an evolving transdisciplinary work that began in 2017. Inspired by the renovation of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, the project initially was an invitation to acknowledge and appreciate the underrecognized and “invisible” labor behind what is on display in museums: curators, conservation staff, custodians, janitors, administrators, security guards, and receptionists, to name just a few.

Intervention: Raphael Red, 2017 was commissioned by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The project continues to evolve as I incorporate into the work the significance of the dyes used, the forced commerce between Mexico and Europe that facilitated the proliferation of this deep shade of red, the process of extraction of the color from the female cochinilla beetle and the symbolism of the color in Meso America. These are the points of departure to delve deeper with this work to highlight the impacts of invisibility, of underrecognized labor and of gender violence. The project has expanded to integrate various natural dyes to recognize the healing properties of herbs and flowers, and the role of women as healers and caregivers. The working titles are Intervention: Red and Intervention: Cochineal.

The work combines textile arts, costuming, masking, procession, performance, dance, improvisation, music, ritual and protest. Together with costumed and masked performers in wearable sculptures spanning up to 16 ft in height. The work will brings together traditional West African and West Indian stilt dancers and ground dancers.

Laura Anderson Barbata en colaboración con los Brooklyn Jumbies y Michaela Lind.
Intervención: Red. October 4th, 2021. New York, Garment District and Times Square.
Photos: Stefan Falke
Project supported by City Artist Corps
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