Symposium WAS


Exhibition view “Women Artists: 1550-1950”, Brooklyn Museum, 1 October, 1977-27 November, 1977, © Brooklyn museum.

The symposium «WAS (Women Artists Shows·Salons·Societies): expositions collectives d’artistes femmes 1876-1976» organized by the research laboratory Artl@s (École normale supérieure, PSL, Labex TransferS) and by AWARE, with the collaboration of Jeu de Paume, will launch a research project focusing on group exhibitions of women artists. Our ambition is to build a descriptive and analytical catalogue of these exhibitions from the end of the 19th to the end of the 20th century and to start reflecting on their specific history, through the study of the evolution of the social, cultural, and institutional conditions that permitted or made them necessary through the analysis of the various levels of mediation and organisation at work in these shows, or also through the examination of their symbolical functioning and critical response.

This first symposium considers a moment when the chronology of women group shows is less known (the more recent period will be the subject of a later symposium). Starting with the first Woman Pavilion run by women within the Centennial International Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia to the exhibition Women artists 1550-1950 organised in 1976-1977 by Ann Sutherland Harris and Linda Nochlin at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, this symposium seeks to examine the phenomenon of collective exhibitions of women artists in all its extent and diversity.
Scientific committee:
Catherine Dossin
associate Professor, Purdue University, Lafayette (United Sates), vice director of d’Artl@s (project based at ENS-Ulm)
Camille Morineau
president of AWARE, director of exhibitions and collections at the Monnaie de Paris
Hanna Alkema
head of scientific programs for AWARE.